Text Description + Flow Chart + Storyboard + User Flow + Wireframe

Text Description

  1. Acquire toaster.
  2. Plug toaster’s cord into electrical outlet.
  3. Turn on electric outlet.
  4. Twist toaster dial according to desired toasting intensity.
  5. Remove desired number of bread slices from bag.
  6. Insert bread slices into slots found on top side of toaster.
  7. Press down on toaster lever until locked into place. (Lever locked into place?)
    1. Yes – Step 8
    2. No – Step 2
  8. Wait until toasting completes, indicated by partial ejection of toast. (Bread sufficiently toasted?).
    1. Yes – Step 9
    2. No – Step 4
  9. Remove toast from toaster and place onto plate.
  10. Switch off power outlet and optionally eject power cord.
  11. Apply condiments to toast.

Flow Chartflow-chartStoryboard


User Flow



Flashfranky. (2015). Toast [Photograph]. Retrieved from https://pixabay.com/en/toast-toaster-food-white-bread-1077984/

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